Win The 'Gram Planner Sheets

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Win The 'Gram Planner Sheets

Gertrude Nonterah
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Instagram content planning got you down?

No more! 

As an entrepreneur who uses Instagram myself to generate sales, I know how much pressure you can feel when the sun rises and you have to think about what to post on Instagram.

I mean, you have the Instagram feed, IG stories, IG Reels and IGTV to keep up with.

It's overwhelming.


The Win The 'Gram planner sheets are re-usable, printable sheets you can use to:

  • Clarify who your ideal customer or client is on Instagram
  • Plan your Instagram content
  • Research and plan your hashtags to expand your reach
  • Track your growth
  • Get 24 Instagram story ideas that will spark your genius for your own stories
  • Get 30 Instagram post ideas 

It's time the IG overwhelm was put to rest! 

Click on the "I WANT THIS BUTTON" to grab your copy of the Win The 'Gram Planner Sheets.

Once your payment goes through, you will be able to download the PDF version of your planner sheets.

Grab yours by clicking the "I WANT THIS BUTTON".

I want this!

You will get re-usable/printable planner sheets (PDF) to up your IG game.

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